Credit Card Info
Stay Information
Disclosure & Authorize

I understand that by electronicly signing this form that the card holder will be responsible for any damages or fees (i.e. smoking $100.00) that the above mentioned guest may incur. 

I authorize the Travelodge St. Louis Airport to charge the charges listed above to the credit card provided herein. I agree to pay for this purchase in accordance with the issuing bank creditholder ageement.

The best way to upload photo of DL and CC is by using a smart phone, if this is not possible you can wait and send them from an other device or fax it.  If none of these options are possible, you can send it with the person staying.

Cardholder - Must Sign Below & Date

How to upload pictures

From a cell phone simply click upload take photos and go back and upload

From a desktop you will need to have pictures on your computer